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Exclusivity and discretion

Creative Connections services

From individual properties to large projects and systems, we offer:

  • Residential houses
  • Townhouses
  • Apartment buildings
  • Residential / building areas
  • Golf courses with real estate
  • Nursing properties / senior residences
  • and (building) land

A network in Spain that has been carefully and exclusively built up over the last 20 years awaits you for high-yield real estate investments.
We verify for you which sizes and potentials are suitable for your investment projects and requirements in the long term.

Creative Connections supports interested parties in the selection and financing of the suitable property from the portfolio of Kosan & Casanova S.L. and has access to a further approx. 25,000 bank-managed objects and projects.

For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot publish these investment properties.

Creative Connections services

We are the implementer between interested parties, banks, construction service providers, authorities and related legal requirements up to marketing. Well-known local credit institutions apply to participate in our investment projects.
The objectives of our investors are as diverse as the investment opportunities on the Spanish property market. The market enables short-term ROI with above-average returns to long-term investments with maximum protection!
We have access to numerous completed or often fully developed, fully approved and even largely completed real estate projects.

We live on the pulse of the market and offer a constantly updated overview. From the almost confusing selection of residential and commercial properties as well as land, we make expert decisions on relevance.

We review properties from a narrower selection of investors in the form of a technical, legal and market analysis study. 

For the final selection project, we will create your financing and schedule.

In cooperation with German and Spanish financial institutions, we organize capital transfers and financing.

A Spanish company is set up to manage and secure your investment.

The investors receive 100% of the shares, thus sole ownership and complete control. In-house tax consultants and lawyers support the process in Germany and Spain and are in personal contact with you.

After the project has been acquired, we take over the project management on site with all necessary measures such as property protection, construction, expansion, completion, entries, approvals, connections, etc.

Depending on the investor's wishes, we also offer project development, sales, marketing, leasing and administration.
Time is running out! Before deadlines expire, permits become invalid, completely financed construction projects turn to waste paper or simply nature and vandalism, and already created values, finally destroy these projects, these projects have to be brought back onto the market.
In connection with our Spanish partners and the freshly dynamic market, the result is an exceptionally high and quick return on investment!

Investing in Spain with funding?

By promoting foreign entrepreneurship, Spain has become a beneficial option for foreign investors within the EU. Spain wants to strengthen its economy through internationalization and has therefore passed several laws to promote it. One of the current options for participating in a project will expire with a current grant at the end of 2021. Apart from the funding, the foreign investor can apply for a residence permit, the so-called Golden Visa, for himself and his family, provided that he meets certain requirements.
The investor has the opportunity to live and work in Spain. He can travel to any country that is part of the Schengen Agreement.

Price development of the real estate market of the Comunidad Valenciana

As in all of Spain, the real estate market was shaken by the financial crisis of 2008. The lack of financing options as well as the general uncertainty that was triggered caused the prices for living space to literally collapse. From the peak in 2006 (the figures given here are based on the November value of the respective year) to 2014, the adjustment was around minus 33%. In the years 2014 to 2016, the price development stagnated until 2017 for the first time a noticeable increase was posted.
The positive price development has been moderate but stable since then. The gain from November 2016 to November 2020 was around 20%. The expected market slump, caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, was briefly indicated in the summer of 2020 by small discounts, but was immediately and completely made up for. It is expected that the positive performance on the real estate market will continue to be stable over the long term. The pent-up demand on the buyer market is noticeable. Due to the still clear gap to the price structure before the financial crisis, current real estate offers are often highly attractive.